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Ron Shiffman, Director of RAMP, describes the initiative

Innovative Finance Conference

A Framework for Social Inclusion, Resiliency, Planning and Transparency

Innovative Finance Alternatives: High & Low Finance for Urban Resiliency

Housing and Infrastructure: Resiliency and Equity

The Rockaways: Investing In People, ComingTogether

Selected for MoMA and MoMA PS1’s EXPO 1: New York Rockway Call for Ideas! The video highlights the important of social resilience and emphasizes the importance of community participation in rebuilding efforts. It was on view at the VW Dome 2 in Rockaway in April and May 2013.

Special thanks to all who participated in the making of the video:  Ron Shiffman,
Mindy Fullilove, Sadra Shahab, Ana Fisyak, Brooke Mayer, Chris Hamby, Sarah Shebaro, Sara Khaki, Leonel Ponce, Fred Wolf, Rebecca Crimmins, and Melissa Umberger.

RAMP: Pratt PSPD in Rotterdam

Lecture and Group Discussion lead by Duzan Doepel at the RDM Campus in Rotterdam, The Netherlands for Pratt Institute and Community Based Organization Leaders of Hurricane Sandy affected areas.

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Part 2

Part 3

Part 4