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Department: Architecture
Instructors: Zehra Kuz
Summer 2014

This summer for the design studio our focus was again on the Jamaica Bay. It is such an interesting and vulnerable place; miraculous that it exists. With the onset of the summer semester we scheduled site visits to the area and also met with the director of the Rockaway Waterfront Alliance Jeanne DuPont as well as her assistants John and Renee. The ‘knowhow’ they shared with us about their neighborhood and especially their community resonated through our work… 

Based on cumulative information they have gathered from RWA , on site visits, other research and statistics, the students began their work with a ‘program development phase ’; they considered the ‘existing to be continued activities’ as well as new ones that would enable the community to come together. These innovative programs were time sensitive, in other words, seasonal… and should help further economic growth in the area. 

Two major sites emerged for the unfolding projects: One is the eastern shores of the Broad Channel, the other is the surrounding neighborhood of the RWA, that span between the Conch Basin and the Somerville Basin (where Marina 59 is)…

Walter Sueldo

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Keumbi Noh and Sairom Lee

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Joanne Ho


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